Allysin Kay SHOOTS SOFTLY On Dixie Carter, Shazza McKenzie, More

Allysin Kay is one of the more brutal female stars on the indie circuit right now, but even she has a soft side. We got her to put that on display for the latest episode of SHOOTING SOFTLY, as she says nice things about other wrestlers.

Marti Belle:

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“Aw. That’s a good one. Oh, man. But, it’s also a hard one because where do I even start? Marti is the ying to my yang. She is one of the most selfless people. She is my biggest supporter. She is so hilarious. I wish more people knew how funny she is. She can go into any room and make friends with everyone. I actually brought her to one of my cousin’s weddings a long time ago. I knew it doesn’t matter that she just knows me, she’s gonna sit at whatever table, she’s gonna start a conversation, she’s gonna start dancing with random people. She is a social butterfly and I feel she truly is my better half because she makes up for what I lack. I’m more introverted, she’s way more extroverted. So, I feel like we balance each other very well.”

Zicky Dice:

“I feel like Zicky Dice is a creative genius and I feel like he has yet to even tap into what he has to offer. I feel like my man needs to be signed, first of all, somewhere. Because he is just too outlandish to just be sitting around. He’s not just sitting around. He’s on Twitch, he’s killing it on Twitch. I message him every other day, ‘How do I do this? How do I do that?’ Because he is my guru when it comes to Twitch and he is a great guy.”

Dixie Carter:

“You know, I didn’t get to know Dixie very well. She was only at one or two of the tapings I was at. So, I really don’t know her on a personal level, but she seems, from my experience, to care from the meetings that we had. She seems like she was emotionally invested.”

Shotzi Blackheart:

“Shotzi Blackheart has an amazing voice. Which now we all know, I guess, because she just put up that song and I was blown away. But, I knew this for years because we were at a Shine show—me, Shotzi and Mercedes Martinez and Dementia D’Rose—and our flight got cancelled because of terrible weather. We had RISE the next day in Chicago. RISE rented us a van. We drove thirteen hours over night from New York to Chicago, the four of us. We kept taking turns and I remember waking up one night—whoever wasn’t driving, you had to sleep so you could drive. So, I remember waking up and hearing Shotzi singing Shania Twain. So, I also found out she loves 90s country. I was raised on 90s country. It’s the only country I listen to because it’s nostalgic. So, I didn’t know her mom pretty much raised her on 90s country. So, we had a bonding moment there. But, I knew she could sing from that day.”

Sarah Logan:

“My former roommate in Japan. Sarah is wild, which I think people can see now. Sarah is so funny. I have so many stories from Japan, I don’t even know where to start. She has one of the most contagious laughs.”

The Blue Meanie

“All of my experiences with him, which have been very few and far between, he’s very positive. He seems like such a cool guy. I don’t know him very well, but he seems very approachable and very down to do whatever. Which I appreciate.”

Shazza McKenzie:

“I love Shazza. I miss her. I really admire her drive.”

Sea Stars:

“So, I know Ashley better than I know Delmi just because of NWA. We wrestled together a lot. But, I love both those girls. I remember meeting them for the first time a few years ago and taking a picture with them at a random indie show in Pennsylvania. I was like, ‘They’re so good. They’re gonna do great things.’ They’re very sweet. They’re very humble. I feel like I keep saying everyone is funny, but Ashley is very funny. I didn’t get to know Delmi as much, but when I think of Ashley, I just think of her laughing. Just constantly laughing.”

You can see our full interview with Kay at the top of the page!

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