Exclusive: Triple H Talks "Influx" Of Mixed Martial Arts Talent In WWE

Triple H says Brock Lesnar caused other MMA fighters to see WWE differently.

The influence of mixed-martial-arts on professional wrestling has been noticeable for several years with athletes like Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, and Matt Riddle making the jump to the squared circle from the cage. On a media conference call, Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp asked Triple H about the influence of mixed-marital-arts on WWE and NXT. Triple H said once one athlete shows professional wrestling to be a viable option other athletes from the sport will show up which is something he has seen with football players before.

"Doors open and it seems like an influx. You get a couple high-level NFL guys and all of a sudden we get barraged with calls from former NFL guys or athletes that have tried to make it in the NFL. A lot more of them start calling us to see the opportunity," said Triple H. "With MMA people, Brock Lesnar, you take that level of performer from a combat sport that makes it in our business, they start to see it differently," he continued.

Triple H has seen some MMA fighters come to WWE with an aptitude for the career.

"A lot of them are very well suited because the mannerisms and the sort of athletic ability is very similar to what we do. It comes down to personality and all the other things that make a well rounded WWE superstar," said Triple H.

Between NXT Takeover: New Orleans and Wrestlemania 34 next weekend, WWE has Rezar, Shayna Baszler, Ronda Rousey, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Brock Lesnar who have had professional mixed-martial-arts fights.

Fightful Wrestling will have live coverage and a recapping podcast for both NXT Takeover and Wrestlemania.

The full conference call can be heard at the Fightful Wrestling YouTube Channel or the video at the top of this page.

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