Grayson Waller SHOOTS SOFTLY On Bron Breakker, Solo Sikoa, Apollo Crews, And More

Grayson Waller has never been afraid to speak his mind or upset his peers, whether he's calling out Cody Rhodes or mocking The Undertaker.

But can he say nice things about his fellow wrestlers?

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Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews, hands down, one of the shiniest heads I’ve ever seen. First time I got in the ring with him, I was blinded. That’s when he got me—bang!—he got me with a punch straight away. The glare off his head was insane. Very shiny head, Apollo Crews. I’ll give him that.

Andre Chase

So many fantastic things I could say about Andre Chase. His ability to have wrestling matches in a heavy sweater in Florida in summer. You haven’t been in a locker room with Andre Chase after a match, but that dude stinks. He absolutely smells. But he goes out there and he does it. He performs. I wore a fur coat for one night and I hated my life. Andre Chase does that every week because he loves his terrible university.

Akira Tozawa

Man, there’s very few people I struggle to sad bad things about, Akira Tozawa might be one of them. I’ll give him one thing—I don’t know how he does it, and it really annoyed me—but that crowd just loves him, just absolutely loves him. I don’t even know. He makes some noises and the crowd loves him. So I’ll give him that. ‘Cause that annoyed me. ‘Cause I’m like beating him up and they’re cheering and I was like, ‘What do I gotta do, lad?’

Solo Sikoa

I did (face him) and I beat him. I beat a member of the Bloodline. Not many people can say that. I beat Solo Sikoa and I’ll keep saying it. I’ll say this, he’s very close to being Australian. He does a lot of stuff without shoes on, does stuff with no shoes on. In Australia, I walk around with no shoes on. That impresses me. No many people can do that. Especially in this country. He’s the closest to Australian that I think they have Yeah, we do (have scorpions running around). But we’re tough. We ain’t stressed.

Bron Breakker

What about his style? You want to talk about a superstar? Bron Breakker manages to wear three different things of denim at one time. Very few people can pull that off. He has the ability to look both like a forty year old and a fifteen year old at the same time. Not many people can do that. That’s very, very impressive. Bron, man, put that on a poster. He’s got a denim cap, a denim jacket, denim shirt. Man, what a fantastic superstar for NXT.

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