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RJ City Gets BUMPED By Thunder Rosa, Talks AEW Content, More | 2022 Interview

RJ City has become a huge star, thanks to Fightful. Since first appearing on Fightful programming, RJ City has appeared for both WWE and AEW.

Recently, Tony Khan announced on a media call that he was a fan of RJ City's work and would be bringing him in for AEW Revolution, which is where we spoke with him.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: Think of my shock as I’m on a media call—

RJ CITY: Yeah, how’d you not get that? You heard no rumblings about that all?

SEAN ROSS SAPP: Not a bit. First off, I was a little pissed. I was like, “This motherfucker didn’t tell me.”

RJ CITY: Which is great. When stuff is not actually kept amongst wrestlers, when it’s kept among other people, no leaks get out. Which is great.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: See, I think people would assume you would be the weasel that would tell me stuff.

RJ CITY: Yeah. I’m not gonna talk about my own business, though. I also did not know that Tony was going to mention my name on the media call.


RJ CITY: Then I quoted it and wrote, “This is news to me,” and people were like, “Oh, he got it wrong.”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: So, I didn’t know you were going to WWE, didn’t know that you stopped working for them, that you were heading to AEW.

RJ CITY: Well, you had a little idea about WWE.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: Wait, I got one. I knew you were turning babyface.

RJ CITY: Okay.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: Beforehand.

RJ CITY: Didn’t I announce it on your program?

SEAN ROSS SAPP: I think so. Maybe. Everybody found out when I found out.

RJ CITY: Yeah, it was a great time for us, you know? I kept it from you and I surprised you and in many ways I surprised myself.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: The Grim Reaper’s coming for you, you know that?

RJ CITY: Well, isn’t the Grim Reaper coming for us all?

SEAN ROSS SAPP: I guess you could say that.

RJ CITY: Doesn’t death march onward no matter how we try to escape it? No matter how we try to defeat old father time we all succumb? Not just us, buildings crumble. Leaves dry up, they fall off the trees. Soil grows dry, you know? But we’re here. We’re spinning and we’re making the best of it largely by making stupid videos. That’s what we’ve chosen to do. We could have joined a missionary or something.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: Speaking of mission, I told you I’m bumping you as soon as Rosa shows up.

RJ CITY: What’s going on here?


SEAN ROSS SAPP: Listen, I appreciate the fact—

RJ CITY: You started, “Oh, how are you here?” I started to open up and I really thought you have me on and it’s all shtick, shtick, shtick, and I thought we were about to have a genuine moment.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: We were. We were.

THUNDER ROSA: I’ll just dragged myself out of here, honestly. Okay, I’ll leave you to your interview.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: No! That was the bit! I gotta actually talk to him now.

RJ CITY: No, no. That was it. I have nothing to say. No, she doesn’t want to—okay.

RJ CITY: Go ahead. Okay, three minutes.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: We’ll do three minutes and I want to know, how the hell you ended up here? I mean, legitimately, all jokes aside, you’re very talented, very funny.

RJ CITY: Yeah, but, people are like, “’The hell am I gonna do with this person?”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: But the fact that Tony Khan himself went, “Heh, LOL,” and called you up.

RJ CITY: Twitter can be an evil, miserable place, can also lead to beautiful things.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: He saw our interview and the ass eating tweet and—

RJ CITY: Said, “Bring me Ed Asner,” “Sir, he’s passed away,” and he said, “Get me the next best thing.”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “Get me the guy that was talking about him.”

RJ CITY: Yeah.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: Then you said, “Alright, I gotta get my best ass eating material.”

RJ CITY: Yeah, I guess so. But, I guess I can say, you know—when does this come out? February?

SEAN ROSS SAPP: I don’t think it’s gonna be time sensitive.

RJ CITY: Oh, my God. Well, maybe by this point there won’t be more to come.


RJ CITY: Maybe it’ll get out and they’ll be like, “He is just useless. He just has the same three jokes.”

SEAN ROSS SAPP: I do want you to plug your stuff. Tell people where they can find you.

RJ CITY: You tell them. You’re supposed to be the professional. Oh, my God.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: I gotta show you an actual—

RJ CITY: Wait a minute. Regis used to do his shows, Spike Lee used to come on. He didn’t go, “Spike, when does your movie come out?” He had it in the prompter, he had it on cards.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: I gotta show you a series of text messages that I got.

RJ CITY: From? Tito Santana?

SEAN ROSS SAPP: From the Cease Twins, Allie and Emily C.

RJ CITY: The Deceased Twins? They’re no longer with us?

SEAN ROSS SAPP: No, no. They’re very much alive.

RJ CITY: Is this about me?

SEAN ROSS SAPP: “RJ City is here.” I said, “Tell him you know me,” and they said, “He has his gear with him.” So I said, “So, a mic and a cup of coffee.”

RJ CITY: And? That turned out to be absolutely the case. Who are the Ceased Twins?

SEAN ROSS SAPP: They’re for the ruckus.

RJ CITY: Okay. I don’t want to be a part of this weird group. No, you’re trying to do hand signs and sell t-shirts.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: For the ruckus

RJ CITY: No, no. I don’t want to be—no. These fads blow in and blow out like the slinky. When was the last time you played with a slinky? That’s what I thought. Thunder Rosa is here. First of all, she has a career, number one, and number two, a little more of a personality than I have at this point.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: She has a good one, yeah.

RJ CITY: She’s excited about things and I think that’s the energy you want at this point. But I want to thank you, at least, for your consistency.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: Yes. I am, if nothing else, consistent, at the very least.

RJ CITY: You want me to keep this going or hand it off, is this like a little relay? We’ve got one nice long take you don’t have to edit.

SEAN ROSS SAPP: Until next time, we’re out.

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